Library Services


Xerox/ Printing @MGCL

1.   Reprography and computer printing facility is open for all the users from  02.30 P.M. to  05.30 P.M.
      on all working days at a    flat rate of Re. 1/- per page.  
2.   Request for reprography of a document should be made on a prescribed form available  with library 
3.   The Library   strictly undertakes to reproduce material required for    personal   research and study  
      purposes only. No personal documents certificates    etc. can be allowed to  be  xeroxed.
4.   Photocopies of the unpublished dissertation/ thesis shall not be provided unless  permission of the 
      author is obtained. 
5.   All responsibilities for questions pertaining to copyright that may arise due to violation of Copyright 
      Act and any misuse made of  copies  shall strictly  lie  with person  making the work order  request.