Department Wise List of journals, Databases & Other Resources Subscribed for the Year 2020 @ IITR

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Access Engineering (McGraw-Hills )McGraw-HillsOnlinee-book Database
2ASTM Standard+ Digital LibraryASTMOnlineStandard
3Benchmarking and Analytics- InCitesClarivate AnalyticsOnlineDatabase
4British StandardBSOnlineStandard
5Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS)BISOnlineStandard
6Cambridge University Press: Science and Technology Collections (120 Titles)Cambridge University PressOnline 
7CompendexElsevier ScienceOnlineDatabase
8Grammarly PremiumGrammarly Inc.OnlineResearch Suport Tool
9IEC STANDARDBSB Edge Pvt. Ltd.OnlineStandard
10IGI Global Complete Collections (179 Titles)IGI GlobalOnlineDatabase
11Indian Journals .com: Applied Science and Technology (57 Titles)Indian Journals .comOnline 
12INSPECElsevier ScienceOnlineDatabase
13ProQuest Dissertation & ThesesProQuestOnlineDatabase
14Sci-Finder Scholar-NChemical Abstract ServicesOnlineDatabase
15SCOPUSElsevier ScienceOnlineDatabase
16Taylor and Francis Collection: S&T and Social science Package (1755 Titles)Taylor and FrancisOnline 
17TURNITIN (Enterprise Subscription)Turnitindia Education Pvt. Ltd.OnlineResearch Suport Tool
18Wiley Article Select Tokens (500 Articles) Wiley Subscription Services Inc.Online 
19World Scientific Publishing :Natural Science Collections (41Titles)World Scientific CompanyOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1American Journal of SociologyUniversity of Chicago PressOnline 
2Architectural DesignJohn WileyOnline 
3Architecture and UrbanismJapan Publishing Trading CompanyPrint 
4Architecture+DesignMedia Transasia GroupPrint 
5Artha VijnanaGokhale Institute of Politics and EconomicsPrint 
6Artstor Digital Library JSTOROnlineDatabase
7Building and EnvironmentElsevier ScienceOnline 
8Bvrlington MagazineBurlington Magazine Publications Ltd.Print+Online 
9CitiesElsevier ScienceOnline 
10Cities and HealthTaylor and FrancisOnline 
11City, Culture and SocietyElsevier ScienceOnline 
12Design IssuesMIT PressOnline 
13Domus IndiaSpenta Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.Print 
14IdeaJapan Publishing Trading CompanyPrint 
15Index Furniture JournalIndex Media Pvt. Ltd.Print+Online 
16International Journal of Tourism ResearchJohn WileyOnline 
17Journal of Development StudiesTaylor and FrancisOnline 
18Journal of Indian Institute of ArchitectsIndian Institute of ArchitectsPrint 
19Journal of Society of Architectural HistoriansUniversity of California PressPrint+Online 
20Journal of Urban DesignTaylor and FrancisOnline 
21KBBREVIEW (Formerly Bathrooms and Kitchens)KBB ReviewPrint 
22Landscape Architecture MagazineAmerican Society of Landscape ArchitecturePrint 
23London Journal: a Review of Metropolitan Society Past and PresentTaylor and FrancisOnline 
24MargMarg FoundationPrint 
25Sage: Urban Studies & Planning Collection (30 Titles)SAGE PublicationOnline 
26The Architectural ReviewEMAP Publishing LimitedPrint+Online 
27The CASE JournalEmerald PublisherOnline 
28The Plan-Architecture and Technologies in DetailsMaggioli SPAPrint+Online 
29Tourism ManagementElsevier ScienceOnline 
30Town Planning ReviewLiverPool UniversityOnline 
31Water PolicyIWA PublishingOnline 
32Worlds of InteriorsTowerPrint

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1ASM (Full Package 12 All Titles)American Society for MicrobiologyOnline 
2Bentham Science (Full Package 122 Titles) Bentham Science PublisherOnline 
3Biochemical JournalPortland Customer ServiceOnline 
4Biochemical Society TransactionsPortland Customer ServiceOnline 
5Biochemistry and Cell BiologyCanadian Science PublishingOnline 
6Biofuels, Bioproducts and BiorefiningJohn WileyOnline 
7Biology of ReproductionOxford University PressOnline 
8BloodAmerican Society of HematologyOnline 
9Canadian Journal of MicrobiologyCanadian Science PublishingOnline 
10Canadian Journal of Physiology and PharmacologyCanadian Science PublishingOnline 
11Canadian Journal of Plant ScienceCanadian Science PublishingOnline 
12CellCell PressOnline 
13Cell Stem CellCell PressOnline 
14Cell SystemsCell PressOnline 
15Clinical SciencePortland Customer ServiceOnline 
16DevelopmentThe Company of BiologistOnline 
17Developmental CellCell PressOnline 
18Essays in BiochemistryPortland Customer ServiceOnline 
19ImmunityCell PressOnline 
20Journal of Applied Microbiology (Include Letters in Applied Microbiology)John WileyOnline 
21Journal of Biological ChemistryAmerican Society for Biochemistry & Biomolecular BiologyOnline 
22Journal of BiotechnologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
23Journal of Clinical InvestigationAmerican Society for Clinical InvestigationOnline 
24Journal of Experimental MedicineRockefeller University PressOnline 
25Journal of General VirologySociety for General MicrobiologyOnline 
26Kargar Life Science Collection (6 Titles)KargarOnline 
27Letters in Applied Microbiology (Incl.with Journal of Applied Microbiology)John WileyOnline 
28Molecular Biology of CellAmerican Society for Cell BiologyOnline 
29Nature BiotechnologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
30Nature Cell BiologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
31Nature Chemical BiologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
32Nature GeneticsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
33Nature ImmunologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
34Nature MedicineNature Publishing GroupOnline 
35Nature MethodsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
36Nature MicrobiologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
37Nature PlantsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
38Nature ProtocolsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
39Nature Reviews GeneticsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
40Nature Reviews ImmunologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
41Nature Structural and Molecular BiologyNature Publishing GroupOnline 
42Physiological and Biochemical ZoologyUniversity of ChicagoOnline 
43Plant Physiology (Incl. with The Plant Cell)The American Society of Plant BiologistsOnline 
44Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS)National Academy of ScienceOnlineAlso Recom. By CMD, MTD
45Proteins ScienceJohn WileyOnline 
46Science ImmunologyAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceOnline 
47Science SignalingAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceOnline 
48Science Translational MedicineAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceOnline 
49SHOCKShock SocietyOnline 
50SLAS Discovery ( Formerly Journal of Biomolecular Screening Title change in 2017)SAGE PublicationOnline 
51The Arabidopsis information Resources (TAIR)TAIROnlineDatabase
52The Journal of ImmunologyAmerican Association of ImmunologistOnline 
53The Plant Cell (Incl.Plant Physiology)The American Society of Plant BiologistOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1ACI Concrete International American Concrete InstituteOnline 
2ACI Manual of Concrete PracticeAmerican Concrete InstituteOnline 
3ACI Materials JournalAmerican Concrete InstituteOnlineAlso Recom. By EQD
4ACI Structural JournalAmerican Concrete InstituteOnlineAlso Recom. By EQD
5ACI SymposiumAmerican Concrete InstituteOnline 
6American Water Work Association JournalAWWAPrintAlso Recom. By APD
7Canadian Geotechnical JournalCanadian Science PublishingOnline 
8Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing Taylor and FrancisOnline 
9Cartographic JournalTaylor and FrancisOnline 
10Cement and Concrete CompositesElsevier ScienceOnline 
11Cement and Concrete ResearchElsevier ScienceOnline 
12Computers and GeotechnicsElsevier ScienceOnline 
13Computers and StructuresElsevier ScienceOnline 
14Construction and Building MaterialsElsevier ScienceOnline 
15Energy and BuildingElsevier ScienceOnline 
16Engineering StructuresElsevier ScienceOnline 
17Environmental Engineering ScienceMary Ann Liebert Inc.Online 
18Geomechanics and Engineering: An International JournalTechno PressOnline 
19Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International JournalTaylor and FrancisOnline 
20Geotextiles and GeomembranesElsevier ScienceOnline 
21ICE Engineering Collection (Full Package 29 Titles)ICE PublishingOnline 
22Indian Concrete Institute JournalIndian Concrete InstitutePrint 
23Indian Concrete JournalAssociated Cement Company Ltd.Print+Online 
24International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in GeomechanicsJohn WileyOnline 
25International Journal of Geoinformatics (Formerly Asian Journal of Geoinformatics)Asian Association of GeoinformaticsPrint + Online  
26International Journal of Impact Engineering.Elsevier ScienceOnline 
27International Journal of Pavement EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnline 
28International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining SciencesElsevier ScienceOnline 
29International Journal of Solid and StructuresElsevier ScienceOnline 
30ITE JournalInstitute of Transportation EngineersPrint 
31Journal of Hydraulic ResearchTaylor and FrancisOnline 
32Journal of Safety ResearchElsevier ScienceOnline 
33Journal of Solid Waste Technology and ManagementWidener UniversityPrint+Online 
34Journal of Transport Economics and PolicyTurpin Distribution ServicesOnline 
35Journal of Transportation Safety and SecurityTaylor and FrancisOnline 
36Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-AQUAIWA PublishingOnline 
37Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics.Elsevier ScienceOnline 
38Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote SensingASPRSOnline 
39SPIE Digital Library (11 Titles)SPIEOnline 
40Steel and Composite Structure: An International JournalTechno PressOnline 
41Structural Engineering and MechanicsTechno PressOnline 
42Transport PolicyElsevier ScienceOnline 
43Transportation LettersTaylor and FrancisOnline 
44Transportation Research AElsevier ScienceOnline 
45Transportation Research BElsevier ScienceOnline 
46Transportation Research CElsevier ScienceOnline 
47Transportation Research DElsevier ScienceOnline 
48Transportation Research EElsevier ScienceOnline 
49Transportation Research FElsevier ScienceOnline 
50Transportmetrica B: Transport DynamicsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
51Tunneling and Underground Space TechnologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
52Tunnels and Tunneling Int. NS Media Group Ltd.Print+Online 
53Water ResearchElsevier ScienceOnline 
54Water Resources Research John WileyOnline 
55Water Science and TechnologyIWA PublishingOnlineAlso Recom. By APD
56Water Supply(Form. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply)IWA PublishingOnline 
57Wind and StructuresTechno PressOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1AICHE JournalJohn WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By MIED
2Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical EngineeringJohn WileyOnline 
3Begell House: Engineering Research Collection (38T Titles)Begell HouseOnline 
4Biotechnology ProgressJohn WileyOnline 
5Canadian Journal of Chemical EngineeringJohn WileyOnline 
6Chemical Engineering and ProcessingElsevier ScienceOnline 
7Chemical Engineering and TechnologyJohn WileyOnline 
8Chemical Engineering EducationChemical Engineering EducationPrint 
9Chemical Engineering Progress American Institute of Chemical EngineersPrint+Online 
10Chemical Engineering Research and DesignElsevier ScienceOnline 
11Chemical Industry DigestBlockdalePrint 
12Chemical Products and Process Modeling Walter De GruyterOnline 
13Chemical WeeklySevak PublicationsPrint 
14ECS Digital library (Full Package 7 Titles)Institute of PhysicsOnline 
15Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy John WileyOnline 
16Experimental Heat TransferTaylor and FrancisOnline 
17Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery Taylor and FrancisOnline 
18Heat Transfer EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By MIED
19Hydrocarbon ProcessingGulf Publishing Co.Print 
20Indian Journal of Fertiliser (Form.Fertilizer News)Fertilizers Association of IndiaPrint 
21International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering Walter De GruyterOnline 
22Journal of Applied Polymer ScienceJohn WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By DPT
23Journal of Chemical Engineering of JapanJapan Publishing Trading CompanyPrint+Online 
24Journal of Chemical Technology and BiotechnologyJohn WileyOnline 
25Journal of Fluid MechanicsCambridge University PressOnlineAlso Recom. By MTD, MIED
26Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid MechanicsElsevier ScienceOnlineAlso Recom. By MTD
27Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesAmerican Pharmacists AssociationOnline 
28Oil and Gas JournalPennWellPrint+Online 
29Petroleum Technology QuarterlyCrambeth Allen Publishing Ltd.Print+Online 
30Pharmaceutical Development and TechnologyTaylor and FrancisOnline 
31Process Safety Progress John WileyOnline 
32Review in Chemical EngineeringWalter De GruyterOnline 
33International Journal of Heat and Mass TransferElsevier ScienceOnlineAlso Recom. By MTD

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1ACS Full Package (62 Titles) + ArchivesAmerican Chemical SocietyOnline 
2Advanced Synthesis and CatalysisJohn WileyOnline 
3Angewandt Chemie International (Incl Chem Photo Chem)John WileyOnline 
4ChemSystemsChemJohn WileyOnline 
5European Journal of Inorganic ChemistryJohn WileyOnline 
6European Journal of Organic ChemistryJohn WileyOnline 
7Journal of Hazardous MaterialsElsevier ScienceOnline 
8Nature ChemistryNature Publishing GroupOnline 
9RSC (Full Package 49 Titles) + ArchiveRoyal Society of ChemistryOnline 
10SynlettTheime Medical PublisherPrint+Online 
11SynthesisTheime Medical PublisherPrint+Online 
12Tetrahedron LettersElsevier ScienceOnline 
13Thin Solid FilmsElsevier ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Journal of Biomedical NanotechnologyAmerican Scientific PublisherOnline 
2Journal of Nanoscience and NanotechnologyAmerican Scientific PublisherOnline 
3Nature NanotechnologyNature Publishing GroupOnlineAlso Recom. By PHD
4Small (Incl Small Methods)John WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By PHD
5Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and NanobiotechnologyJohn WileyOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science and TechnologyElsevier SciencePrint 
2Advanced Functional Materials (include Advanced Sustainable systems)John WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By CMD
3Appita Magazine (Form.Appita Journal)AppitaPrint+Online 
4Cellulose Chemistry and TechnologyEast View Information ServicePrint 
5Computer and Mathematics with ApplicationElsevier ScienceOnline 
6Food and Chemical ToxicologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
7Food ControlElsevier ScienceOnline 
8Food Packaging and Shelf LifeElsevier ScienceOnline 
9International Journal of Food MicrobiologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
10Journal of Computational and Theoretical NanoscienceAmerican Scientific PublisherOnline 
11Journal of Food ProtectionInternational Association of for Food ProtectionOnline 
12LWT- Food Science and TechnologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
13Nordic Pulp and Paper Research JournalWalter De GruyterOnline 
14Paper TechnologyPaper Industry Technical AssociationPrint 
15PaperChem Elsevier ScienceOnlineDatabase
16PolymerElsevier ScienceOnline 
17Polymer CompositesJohn WileyOnline 
18Polymer Crystallization(Incl with Polymer Engineering and ScienceJohn WileyOnline 
19Polymer Engineering and Science (Incl.Polymer Crystallization)John WileyOnline 
20Postharvest Biology and TechnologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
21Quarterly of Applied MathematicsAmerican Mathematical SocietyOnline 
22TAPPI Journal (Membership)TAPPIOnline 
23Trends in Food Science and TechnologyElsevier ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Computer NetworksElsevier ScienceOnline 
2Defence Science JournalDDRDOPrint 
3Digital InvestigationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
4ElectromagneticsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
5Expert Systems with ApplicationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
6IEICE Trans. On ElectronicsIEICEOnline 
7IEICE Trans. On Fundamentals of Electronic Communication and Computer ScienceIEICEOnline 
8International Journal of ControlTaylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By EED
9International Journal of ElectronicsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
10International Journal of Electronics Letters (Inc with Int. Jl. Of Electronics)Taylor and FrancisOnline 
11International Journal of Robotics and AutomationActa PressPrint+Online 
12Journal of Computational Biology:Jl of Computational Molecular Cell Biology (online )Mary Ann Liebert Inc.Online 
13Journal of Computer SecurityIOS PressOnline 
14Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and ApplicationTaylor and FrancisOnline 
15Microelectronics JournalElsevier ScienceOnline 
16Microwave and Optical Technology LettersJohn WileyOnline 
17Microwave and RFPenton Publishing Co.Print 
18Signal Processing:Image CommunicationElsevier ScienceOnline 
19Solid State CommunicationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
20Solid State ElectronicsElsevier ScienceOnline 
21Speech CommunicationElsevier ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Computer and Electrical EngineeringElsevier ScienceOnline 
2Electric Power Components and SystemTaylor and FrancisOnline 
3Electric Power System ResearchElsevier ScienceOnline 
4Electrical IndiaChary PublicationPrint 
5EPE JournalTaylor and FrancisOnline 
6Fuzzy Sets and SystemsElsevier ScienceOnline 
7IEEE/IEL Full CollectionIEEEOnline 
8International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy SystemsElsevier ScienceOnline 
9International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems Walter De GruyterOnline 
10International Journal of Medical Engineering and InformaticsInder ScienceOnline 
11International Journal of System ScienceTaylor and FrancisOnline 
12International Transactions on Electrical Energy SystemsJohn WileyOnline 
13Journal of Franklin InstituteElsevier ScienceOnline 
14Methods of information in MedicineTheime Medical PublisherPrint+Online

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Australian Journal of Structural EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnline 
2Bulletin of Seismological Society of AmericaSeismological Society of AmericaPrint+Online 
3Earthquake and Structures: An International JournalTechno PressOnline 
4Earthquake Engineering and Structural DynamicsJohn WileyOnline 
5International Journal of Geotechnical EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnline 
6International Journal of Masonry Research and InnovationInder ScienceOnline 
7Probalistic Engineering MechanicsElsevier ScienceOnline 
8Seismological Research LetterSeismological Society of AmericaPrint+Online 
9Soil Dynamics and Earthquake EngineeringElsevier ScienceOnline 
10The Masonry Society JournalThe Masonry SocietyPrint+Online

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1AAPG BulletinAmerican Association of Petroleum GeologistOnline 
2American Journal of ScienceAmerican Journal of ScienceOnline 
3American MineralogistMineralogical Society of AmericaOnline 
4American ScientistSociety of Sigma XIPrint+Online 
5Chemical GeologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
6Earth Surface Processes and Land FormsJohn WileyOnline 
7Economic GeologySociety of Economic GeologyOnline 
8Elements ( Incl. with American Mineralogist)Mineralogical Society of AmericaOnline 
9Engineering GeologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
10Geological Society of America Bulletin Geological Society of AmericaOnline 
11Geology Geological Society of AmericaOnline 
12Geophysical Journal InternationalOxford University PressOnline 
13Geophysical ProspectingJohn WileyOnline 
14Geophysical Research LettersJohn WileyOnline 
15GeophysicsSociety of Exploration GeophysicistsOnline 
16Himalayan GeologyWadia Institute of Himalayan GeologyPrint 
17International Journal of Geographic Information ScienceTaylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By CED
18International Journal of Remote SensingTaylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By CED
19Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Environmental and Engineering Geophysical SocietyOnline 
20Journal of Geological Society of IndiaP.GhoshPrint 
21Journal of Geological Society of LondonGeological Society Publishing HouseOnline 
22Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space PhysicsJohn WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By PHD
23Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid EarthJohn WileyOnline 
24Journal of Geophysical Research D: AtmospheresJohn WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By PHD
25Journal of Geophysical Research F: Earth SurfaceJohn WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By PHD
26Journal of Sedimentary ResearchSEPM Society for Sedimentary GeologyOnline 
27LithosElsevier ScienceOnline 
28Nature GeoscienceNature Publishing GroupOnline 
29Near Surface GeophysicsJohn WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By CED
30OnePetroSociety of Petroleum EngineersOnlineDatabase
31Petroleum GeoscienceGeological Society Publishing HouseOnline 
32Remote Sensing LettersTaylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By CED
33Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry( Incl. with American Mineralogist)Mineralogical Society of AmericaOnline 
34Sedimentary GeologyElsevier ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1AEA Journals (Complete Package 9 Titles)American Economic AssociationPrint+Online 
2Ageing and SocietyCambridge University PressOnline 
3Cambridge Classical JournalCambridge University PressPrint+Online 
4Critical InquiryUniversity of ChicagoOnline 
5Cultural DynamicsSAGE PublicationOnline 
6Cultural Studies-Critical MethodologiesSAGE PublicationOnline 
7Economic Development and Culture ChangeUniversity of ChicagoOnline 
8Environmental and Development EconomicsCambridge University PressOnline 
9European Journal of Cultural StudiesSAGE PublicationOnline 
10India Boards DatabasePrime Databse GroupOnlineDatabase
11Indian Economic JournalSAGE PublicationOnline 
12Indian Journal of Economics and BusinessSerials PublicationsPrint 
13Indian Journal of GerontologyIndian Journal of GerntologyPrint 
14Indian Journals .com: Business Economics and Management (52Titles)Indian Journals .comOnline 
15International Journal of Comic ArtsIJOCA & John A LentPrint 
16International Journal of Cultural StudiesSAGE PublicationOnline 
17International Journal of Global Environmental IssuesInder ScienceOnline 
18International Journal of Sustainable DevelopmentInder ScienceOnline 
19Journal of Commonwealth LiteratureSAGE PublicationOnline 
20Journal of English LinguisticsSAGE PublicationOnline 
21Journal of Graphic Nobels and ComicsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
22Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyAmerican Psychological AssociationPrint 
23Journal of Political EconomyUniversity of ChicagoOnline 
24Journal of Rural DevelopmentNational Institute of Rural DevelopmentPrintAlso Recom. By APD
25Language and LiteratureSAGE PublicationOnline 
26Media Culture and SocietySAGE PublicationOnline 
27Mobile Media and Communication ( Incl.New Media and Society Journal)SAGE PublicationOnline 
28Modern Fiction StudiesThe Johns Hopkins University PressPrint + Online Free 
29New Media and Society JournalSAGE PublicationOnline 
30Philosophical InquiryPhilosophy Documentation CenteOnline 
31PsycARTICLESAmerican Psychological AssociationOnlineDatabase
32Sage: Psychology Collection (93 Titles)SAGE PublicationOnline 
33Sage: Sociology Collection (86 Titles)SAGE PublicationOnline 
34South Asian DiasporaTaylor and FrancisOnline 
35South Asian History and CultureTaylor and FrancisOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Biomass and BioenergyElsevier ScienceOnline 
2Bioresource Technology (Formerly Journal of Biological Wastes)Elsevier ScienceOnline 
3EnergyElsevier ScienceOnline 
4Journal of Environmental QualityJohn WileyOnline 
5Renewable EnergyElsevier ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering Canadian Science PublishingOnlineAlso Recom. By CED
2Clean-Soil, Air, WaterJohn WileyOnline 
3Ground WaterJohn WileyOnline 
4Hydrological ProcessesJohn WileyOnline 
5Hydrological Science JournalTaylor and FrancisOnline 
6Journal of HydroinformaticsIWA PublishingOnlineAlso Recom. By CED
7Journal of HydrologyElsevier ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Creativity and Innovation Management John WileyOnline 
2Journal of Product Innovation Management John WileyOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Business TodayIndia Today GroupPrint 
2Civil Services ChronicalCSCPrint 
3Competition Success ReviewCSRPrint 
5Electronics For YouEFYPrint 
6Fobes IndiaForbes IndiaPrint 
7FrontlineThe HinduPrint 
8IASLIC: BulletinIASLICPrint 
9India Today (E)India Today GroupPrint 
10India Today (H)India Today GroupPrint 
11Indian Journal of Information Library and SocietySurbhi PublicationsPrint 
12Indian Journals .com: Library and Information Science (10 Titles)Indian Journals .comOnline 
13Industrial Product FinderASAPP Info Global Services Pvt. Ltd.Print 
14KadambiniHindustan TimesPrint 
15Library HeraldDelhi Library AssociationPrint 
16LivingetcMalyala ManormaPrint 
17Open Source for YouEFYPrint 
19PC QuestCyber Media IndiaPrint 
20Pratiyogita Darpan (E)Upkar PublicationPrint 
21Pratiyogita Darpan (H)Upkar PublicationPrint 
22Readers DigestReader Digest AssociationsPrint 
23Sarita (H)Delhi Prakashan Vitran Pvt. Ltd.Print 
24Science ReporterNISCAIRPrint 
25SmartlifeMalyala ManormaPrint 
26SportstarThe HinduPrint 
27The ManMalyala ManormaPrint 
28The WeekMalyala ManormaPrint 
29Watch Time IndiaMalyala ManormaPrint 
30Yojna (E)Publication Division Ministry of Information and BroadcastingPrintAlso Recom. By APD
31Yojna (H)Publication Division Ministry of Information and BroadcastingPrint

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1ABI/INFORM CompleteProQuestOnlineDatabase
2AdAgeCrain Communication IncPrint+Online 
3AIS Journals and E-LibraryAISOnlineDatabase
4CapitalineCapital Market Publisher (I) Pvt. Ltd..OnlineDatabase
5EBSCO EconLite With Full TextEBSCOOnlineDatabase
6EBSCO: Business Sources UltimateEBSCOOnlineDatabase
7Economy ViewCRISIL ResearchOnlineDatabase
8Emerald Collections (313Titles)EmeraldOnline 
9EUROMONITOR-PASSPORTEuromonitor international Ltd.OnlineDatabase
10Fortune India MagazineFortunePrint+Online 
11Harvard Business ReviewHarvard Business ReviewPrint+Online 
12IndiaStaDatanet India Pvt. LtdOnlineDatabase
13INFORMS Pub Suite (16 Titles)The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)Online 
14International Journal of Web Based Communities Inder ScienceOnline 
15Journal of Brand ManagementMacmillan Palgrave PublishingOnline 
16Journal of FinanceJohn WileyOnline 
17Journal of RetailingElsevier ScienceOnline 
18Lexis Advance (Form Nexis Nexis Academic Database)LexisNexisOnlineDatabase
19Long Range PlanningElsevier ScienceOnline 
20Review of Economics and StatisticsMIT PressOnline 
21Sage: Management & Organization Collection (120 Titles)SAGE PublicationOnline 
22Strategic Management Journal John WileyOnline 
23The EconomistThe EconomistPrint+Online 
24The Financial Timee (News Paper)Financial TimeOnline 
25The Marketing ReviewWestburn Publishers Ltd.Online 
26Time MagazineTime Print 
27Wall Street Journal (News Paper)Dow JonesOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Journal The American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsOnline 
2ASHRAE JournalASHRAEPrint+Online 
3ASHRAE Transactions Pt. I & IIAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers Print+Online 
4Combustion and FlameElsevier ScienceOnline 
5Combustion Science and TechnologyTaylor and FrancisOnline 
6Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier ScienceOnline 
7Computers and Industrial EngineeringElsevier ScienceOnline 
8I S I J International (Form. Iron and Steel Inst. of Japan Tr.)Japan Publishing Trading CompanyPrintAlso Recom. By MMD
9Indian Journal of FinanceIndian Journal of FinancePrint 
10International Journal for Numerical Methods in EngineeringJohn WileyOnline 
11International Journal of Cast Metals Research Taylor and FrancisOnline 
12International Journal of Computer Integrated ManufacturingTaylor and FrancisOnline 
13International Journal of Production ResearchTaylor and FrancisOnline 
14Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics The American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsOnline 
15Journal of Materials Processing TechnologyElsevier ScienceOnline 
16Journal of NeurotraumaMary Ann Liebert Inc.Online 
17Journal of Spacecraft and RocketsThe American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsOnline 
18Journal of Thermophysics and Heat TransferThe American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsOnline 
19Numerical Heat Transfer ATaylor and FrancisOnline 
20Numerical Heat Transfer BTaylor and FrancisOnline 
21Progress in Energy and Combustion ScienceElsevier ScienceOnline 
22Pumps IndiaPumps IndiaPrint 
23Quality EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnline 
24Sage: Material Science & Engineering Collection (86 Titles)SAGE PublicationOnline 
25Science and Technology for the Built Environment (Formerly HVAR&R Research)Taylor and FrancisOnline 
26Solar EnergyElsevier ScienceOnline 
27Tribology InternationalElsevier ScienceOnlineAlso Recom. By MMD
28Tribology Transactions Taylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By MMD
29Vehicle System DynamicsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
30WearElsevier ScienceOnlineAlso Recom. By MMD
31Welding Journals American Welding SocietyPrint

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Acta MaterialiaElsevier ScienceOnline 
2Advanced Materials John WileyOnlineAlso Recom. By CMD, PHD
3Aluminium International Today (Formerly Furnaces International)DMG Business Media Print 
4Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly JournalTaylor and FrancisOnline 
5International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology John WileyOnline 
6International Journal of Material Research (Zeitschrift Fur Metallkunde)Carl Hanser Verlag:StuttgartOnline 
7International Journal of Powder MetallurgyAmerican Powder Metallurgy InstitutePrint 
8International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard MaterialsElsevier ScienceOnline 
9International Materials ReviewsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
10Ironmaking and SteelmakingTaylor and FrancisOnline 
11Journal of American Ceramic SocietyJohn WileyOnline 
12Journal of European Ceramic SocietyElsevier ScienceOnline 
13Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy: Transaction of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy: Section CTaylor and FrancisOnline 
14Philosophical Magazine LettersTaylor and FrancisOnline 
15Surface EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnline 
16TLT: Tribology and Lubrication TechnologySTLEPrint+Online 
17Trans Tech (Full Package 14 Titles)Trans Tech PublicationOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Acta Arithmetica Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of SciencePrint+Online 
2Advances in Applied MathematicsElsevier ScienceOnline 
3Advances in Mathematics of Communication American Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
4AMS(Full Package 15 Titles)American Mathematical SocietyOnline 
5American StatisticianTaylor and FrancisOnline 
6Annals of Functional AnalysisDuke University PressPrint 
7Applied Mathematical ModellingElsevier ScienceOnline 
8Applied Mathematics and ComputationElsevier ScienceOnline 
9Artificial LifeMIT PressOnline 
10Asian Journal of MathematicsInternational PressPrint+ Online 
11BiorheologyIOS PressOnline 
12Chaos, Solitons and FractalsElsevier ScienceOnline 
13Communication in Mathematical ScienceInternational PressPrint+ Online 
14Communications on Pure and Applied AnalysisAmerican Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
15Complex SystemsComplex Systems Publications IncOnline 
16Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems- Series AAmerican Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
17Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems- Series BAmerican Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
18Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems- Series SAmerican Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
19Ecological ComplexityElsevier ScienceOnline 
20ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical AnalysisEDP ScienceOnline 
21ESAIM: Probability and StatisticsEDP ScienceOnline 
22Evolutionary ComputationMIT PressOnline 
23International Journal of Bio-Inspired ComputationInderscienceOnline 
24International Journal of Computational Intelligence ResearchResearch India PublicationPrint 
25International Journal of Computational Intelligence StudiesInderscienceOnline 
26International Journal of Mathematics in Operations ResearchInder ScienceOnline 
27International Journal of Operational ResearchInder ScienceOnline 
28International Journal of Swarm Intelligence InderscienceOnline 
29International Journal of Unconventional ComputingOld City PublishingOnline 
30Inverse Problems and ImagingAmerican Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
31Journal of Approximation TheoryElsevier ScienceOnline 
32Journal of Inverse and ill-Posed ProblemsWalter De GruyterOnline 
33Journal of Mathematical Analysis and ApplicationsElsevier ScienceOnlineAlso Recom. By DPT
34Journal of Operational Research SocietyTaylor and FrancisOnline 
35Journal of Simulation Taylor and FrancisOnline 
36Kinetic and Related ModelsAmerican Institute of Mathematical ScienceOnline 
37Knowledge Management Research and Practice (Incl. with Jl.of Operational Research society)Taylor and FrancisOnline 
38Nonlinear Analysis: Real World ApplicationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
39Nonlinear Analysis: Theory Methods and ApplicationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
40SIAM (Full Package 18 Titles)Society for Industrial and Applied MathematicsOnline 
41Statistics and Probability LettersElsevier ScienceOnline 
42Statistics and Risk ModellingWalter De GruyterOnline 
43Studia MathematicaInstitute of Mathematics Polish Academy of SciencePrint+Online

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1AIP Conference ProceedingsAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
2Applied Physics ReviewsAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
3Astronomy and AstrophysicsEDP ScienceOnline 
4BiomicrofluidicsAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
5Canadian Journal of PhysicsCanadian Science PublishingOnline 
6Chinese Journal of Chemical PhysicsAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
7IOP (Full Package 72 Titles)Institute of PhysicsOnline 
8Journal of Laser ApplicationsAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
9Journal of Modern OpticsTaylor and FrancisOnline 
10Journal of Optical CommunicationsWalter De GruyterOnline 
11Journal of Renewable and Sustainable EnergyAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
12Journal of the Physical Society of JapanAmerican Institute of PhysicsOnline 
13Laser Focus WorldPennWellPrint+Online 
14Nature ElectronicsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
15Nature MaterialsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
16Nature PhotonicsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
17Nature PhysicsNature Publishing GroupOnline 
18New ScientistNew ScientistPrint+Online 
19Nuclear Physics AElsevier ScienceOnline 
20Nuclear Science and EngineeringTaylor and FrancisOnline 
21OSA (Full Package 18 Titles)Optical Society of AmericaOnline 
22Philosophical MagazineTaylor and FrancisOnlineAlso Recom. By MMD
23Photonics and Nanostructures: Fundamental and ApplicationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
24Physica C- Superconductivity and its ApplicationsElsevier ScienceOnline 
25Physica E- Low Dimensional Systems and NanostructureElsevier ScienceOnline 
26Progress in Particle and Nuclear PhysicsElsevier ScienceOnline 
27Radiochimica ActaWalter De GruyterOnline 
28Royal Society: Excellence in Science Collection- Journal Package S (8 Titles)Royal SocietyOnline 
29Scientific AmericanNature Publishing GroupOnline 
30ScienceAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceOnline

Sl. No. Title Publisher Medium Remarks
1Energy and EnvironmentSAGE PublicationOnline 
2International Journal of ClimatologyJohn WileyOnline 
3International Journal of River Basin Management (Incl. with Jl. of Hydraulic Research)Taylor and FrancisOnline 
4Irrigation and DrainageJohn WileyOnline 
5Journal of ClimateAmerican Metrological SocietyPrint+Online 
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