Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member of the Library?

IITR faculty, students, and staff are bona-fide members of Library. You have to get your membership activated producing documentary proof of your Employee No. /Enrolment no at library circulation counter as per schedule (for students only).
The MGCL also offers the membership to IIT Roorkee Alumni, Industrial and Corporate Houses, Engineering Educational Institutions, IITR retired faculty and officers, and other professionals on payment of fees as per details below:

Membership Category


Membership Fee for one year (in Rs)

Security Deposit


Services Offered

IITR faculty, students, staff and faculty/staff on contract

Faculty/Student/Staff of IITR




Alumni Membership

IITR Alumni



Free Visit & Reference only

Corporate Membership 

Small Industries and Corporate Houses



Reference, consultation & Borrowing

Corporate Membership

Medium Scale Industry & Coporate house


Reference and consultation

Corporate Membership

Large Scale Industry & Coporate house


Reference, consultation & Borrowing

Retired faculty / officers /Staff

Faculty / Group A Officers retired from IIT Roorkee


Reference, consultation & Borrowing

(Membership fee is to be paid by DD/Cheque in favour of “Registrar, IIT Roorkee” and submitted with the prescribed Library membership form, available in download on our website)

How can an outsider use the MGCL?

Faculty, Students and Researchers from IITS, NITs,Central Universities, R&D organizations and special members of MGCL are allowed to refer the Library free of charge against introduction letters from their respective organization. Others have to pay Rs 200/day for ad hock membership with the permission of the Librarian of MGCL against introduction letters from their respective organization/Institution.
(All the users are to abide to the rules and regulations of MGCL)

What are the Loan privileges of the member of MGCL?

General Book Section

Research Scholars & PG. Students : 7 Books for 14 days

U.G. Students : 3 Books for 14 days

Faculty/ Ramanujan Fellow: 14 Books for one year or till 30th June.

Group A Officer : 8 Books for one year or till 30th June.

Staff :5 General books for a year or till 30th June

Retired Faculty/Staff: 2 General books for one month.

Corporate Member (Small) : 02 books for one month.

Corporate Member (Medium) : 05 books for one month.

Corporate Member (Large) : 10 books till for one month.

Textbook-Bank Loan Section

U.G. Students : 3+2* Books For full Semester.

P.G. Students (Earth Sc./ All M. Sc.): 3+2* Books For full Semester. *After TBLS Schedule


How do I locate the desired book/s in the Library or how OPAC search helps me to locate the particular documents?

Go to the click on Search our Catalogue, Our OPAC window will appear. Then search your desired documents. Click on particular documents and check copy details, note down the Call No. of Book (ex. 550.2343 A52V). Go to the first floor of the library and pick up the book from the book shelf arranged according to the Call No., if particular book is not found on the stipulated location please inform to In-Charge Book Section/Circulation counter.

How do I borrow books?

Go to the library, Search the book in our OPAC (online Catalogue) and locate the book/s, pick up the book/s you like to borrow, carry the book/s to the Circulation Counter. Show your ID card to the library staff and get the book/s issued to you. Take the printed issue slip and verify your name, ID and book no(accession no.) printed on it. If found any discrepancy report it immediately to the circulation staff.

What is/are the fine/s for over-due book/s?

Can overdue Charges be waived off?

With the proper justification of late check-in of books, Librarian/Chaiman LAC can reduce the imposed fine upto 50%.
Fine reduction format is available at circulation counter.

What should I do if I lost the library books issued to me?

In such case, Immediately report to the Library circulation staff  on prescribed application form. Within a week or earlier return the same or latest version of new book in place of lost book or submit the current cost of book together with 250/- penalty , and the overdue charge if applicable.

In case of Multi Volume set, Member concerened may be liable to replace the whole set or deposit the cost of whole set with penalty 250/- per book.

How do I pay my library overdue charges?

Check your library account through the Library online catalogue on   , check your overdue charge. Go to the library circulation counter and pay the overdue charges through Debit card only, no other payment option is acceptable.

What are the library timings?

Mon to Fri

         8:30am-10:00pm (upto 12 midnight during exams)


         9:45am-6:30pm (upto 12 midnight during exams)





What are the Issue/Return timings of different library section?

Circulation:          10:30 am -7:00 PM
TBLS:                  10:30 am -5:00 PM
Overnight:           Issue 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM  ,  Return 10:30 am -2:00 PM

Are personal belongings/reading materials/eatables allowed inside the Libary?

No, any kind of personal belongings and eatables are not allowed inside the library accept note book and laptop. Personal books with personal book seal are allowed inside the library during exam time only.

Is any outside visitor allowed to visit the Library?

Outside Visitors are not allowed inside the library, if they want to visit the library, they have to take the permission of the MGCL Librarian or recommendation of the competent authority of IIT Roorkee.

What are the resources in the MGCL?

Please see our website for complete details of resources.

Whom to contact for queries regarding procurements of Books?

Kindly contact to I/C Acquisition/ Acquisition Section for queries regarding procurements of Books

or you can send a text to .

Whom to contact for queries regarding journal’s subscription and accessibility?

Kindly contact to I/C Periodical Section /Periodical Section for that or you can send a text to .

Whom to contact for queries regarding Issue/Return, Membership and other circulation issues?

Kindly contact to I/C Circulation /Circulation counter for such queries,feedback, & suggestion or you can send a text to

Whom to contact for queries regarding Wi-fi, Network connectivity, computer systems in users area and others pertaining to Information Technology?

Kindly contact to I/C ICT Management Section regarding the same or you can send a text to

How do I get my Similarity report of my Thesis?

Pls follow the below link for complete details.

How do I renew/reserve a book and for how many times can  I renew it.

There is no provision to renew/reserve the issued book/s; even you can’t get the same title issued already issued on the same card.

How do I request for Procurement book/s not available in the MGCL?

You can submit the request through our website , also you have to send your request through your HOD on the prescribed format.

How do I get any article not availble in our database/subscription?

Submit your request through our website, we will try all possible ways to find the same and as soon as we get it shall be delivered to you.

What are the Xerox/print rate and timings in MGCL?

Timings: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Rates: Xerox @ Rs1 per page and Print @ Rs 1 per page

*Minimum charges Rs 5

Can I issue the same book soon after its returning to the library?

No, Same book can not be issued to the returning date.

Can I submit the library over due charges in semmester end.

Yes, Library over due charges can be paid during the semmester period

Can the reference book/s be issued to the member?

No, reference books are not to be issued.

Where and how I get clearance of my dues from the Library?

For taking clearance/no dues certificate from the library, the member's library account must be clear.In any working day from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm , the member can get the no dues certificate issued from circulation counter.

How can I refer the Thesis & Dissertation available in MGCL, can it be issued or xeroxed?

Theses and Dissertations are only for reference purpose, and can be refered between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in any working day. Theses and Dissertation are not to be issued or photocopied.

Can full text of theses& dissertations be accessed full text from the Repository "Shodhbhagirathi"?

No, it is accessed upto abstract level now. Soon it be available in open domain for reading purpose only

Can I take photographs inside the library?

Yes, but with the permission of the Librarian/Incharge.

How I get the books issued from TBLS section.

TBLS books are issued to Under graduate, Integrated M.Sc., and (Earth science only) only. to avail this facility ,a privileged member has to get register paying one time registration fee( Rs250/-) except SC/ST candidates. SC/ST candidates can avail this facility free of cost but registration is must for all.

When I can get registered in TBLS section?

Registration for new members is being done as per scheduled date in july/August every year..